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Book Review of Grey by E.L. James

Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, #1)Grey by E.L. James

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Clearly, this is an unneeded book as this story has already been told and captured the attention of millions of people. However, the same curiosity that begged me to read the first book in Anastasia Steele’s viewpoint reared its head and urged me to give this one a shot.

The erotic scenes in this story are not very intriguing or vastly different from any other erotic literature. It’s not the piece that captivated me on the original version of the story and the same goes for this adaptation.

For me, the appeal of this story is in the 1st and 2nd book and it’s all about the chase. Once Anna and Christian eventually marry later in the series, the tale becomes just another love story with its plots and twists. Very uninteresting. Very vanilla.

This specific installment of book one in the series shows us most of the chase through Christian’s eyes. What do we learn about Christian from his own thoughts, words, and actions? Not much that is new, unfortunately.

He’s 27 years old.
He somehow became a billionaire young.
He was born of a crack whore who is now dead.
He has been abused physically and mentally as a child.
He has mental issues and unresolved baggage.
He was taken in by some well-to-do loving, adoptive parents.
He’s anti-social.
He’s a control freak.
He’s into the BSDM lifestyle and a Dominant mainly due to being taken advantage of as a child Submissive.
He’s a workaholic.
He’s not in touch with his own feelings but we know he falls in love with Anna.
He’s a perv (Yes, most of his thoughts revolve around sex.)

What do we learn about Christian that is somewhat new because we hear his inner voice?

His inner voice is that of a 15-year-old adolescent boy.
He uses the word “Baby” far too much.
He is fucking mental, really fucking mental.
Nothing else useful or new.

Basically, his inner voice is not believable and makes me think that James didn’t even consult with any real-life dominant men to see how they would think or react. The persona of the 27-year-old billionaire from Anna’s version of the story is pretty much shattered by Christian’s inner 15-year-old child version of the events.

Getting back to the chase. The ending of this book was the most enjoyable for me as I was most interested in the chase. My enjoyment comes from reading about all the flirtatious events and banter that lead to these two getting together. The emails back and forth are also amusing but nothing really changed with that part of the story except a bit here and there hearing Christian’s anticipation of Anna’s responses.

When Christian comes to realize why Anna leaves and it clicks in his head what he needs to do, well that’s enough for me. I’m good to end off right here knowing the rest of the story from Anna’s viewpoint.

Overall, I gave the book three stars. Two stars for the enjoyment of the chase from Christian’s perspective and one star for boldly bringing a BSDM lifestyle story mainstream as with the original books. I sincerely wonder how many people have given the Dominate/Submissive relationship a try because of these works. That would be an interesting statistic to know. And maybe how many billionaires changed the name of their helicopters to Charlie Tango.

Laters, Baby.

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Book Review: Bone Dressing

Bone Dressing
Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michelle Brooks has created an interesting, fantastical and mysterious world in Bone Dressing, centered on a young lady named Syd Roberdeau. Syd, just shy of 18, has already received some pretty hard knocks out of life for someone so young. It’s turned her into a troubled teen, trying to discover who and what she is to become in this world. The book starts off inside Syd’s head and we begin to understand her character—she’s quite a firecracker! Syd is amazingly smart, witty, loud spoken and free with the mouth. Syd tells it like it is, she has strong character and isn’t afraid to show it.

Syd, lives at home with her step-parents—or at least until her 18th birthday. She has plans to be on her own. Although, those plans come a bit sooner than later, as the troubled teen flees from her house after getting grounded, and not liking that one damn bit! Setting her school on fire also has a bit to do with it too! Syd finds herself in the place where she feels most at home, where she actually spends most of her time—the cemetery.

In the cemetery she meets a mysterious trio, Sarah, a “young-old” little girl, who speaks like a “curly sue”, but has the wisdom of ages! Syd also encounters TJ, a black panther with special powers to help Syd’s soul occupy the past lives of the dead who inhabit the cemetery. Then there is Remy, a.k.a. Beau—a handsome young man who is also a stabilizing force for Syd.

After the troubles at school, Syd begins to understand a little more about the trio she met in the cemetery. Syd slowly discovers her new friends can help her correct the wrongs of her past lives. TJ’s purpose is to temporarily transfer Syd’s soul to those corpses in the cemetery, where Syd can re-animate these bodies, “dressing in their bones” and right the wrongs of these past lives. As if Syd did not have enough to worry about! Beau plays a role similar to a guardian angel for Syd and he is able to calm her, protect her, and bring her to her senses when she’s over the edge. And little Sarah is on a diplomatic mission to keep the peace between all of them.

Syd’s first “bone dressing” experience transforms this book from a story about strange paranormal forces into a wonderful love story about two soul mates. The story inside the first corpse Syd re-animates is incredible, highly visual and inspiring. It’s a tale about childhood love growing into a soul mate connection with opposing forces trying to thwart this young couple’s happiness. Mix that in with passion, love, lust, devotion and…shape-shifting and what you have is one captivating, young adult, paranormal, and romantic story!

Once Syd met the trio of Beau, Sarah and TJ, I was unable to put this book down until I finished. Ms. Brooks is hard at work on the second installment in the series, The Dreaming, and I for one am counting the days down until her release date! If you are a fan of young adult, romance and paranormal genre’s I highly recommend this series. I honestly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the rest of the series. I rate this one a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

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Michelle I Brooks

Michelle I Brooks


Michelle I. Brooks  – her web site is located here:
Bone Dressing is available on Amazon.com or Smashwords
Michelle is also listed as a goodreads author!


Teaser about the next book in the Bone Dressing Series– The Dreaming

“As Syd faces the dangerous mysteries waiting for her in the mistakes of her past, she must leave the comforts of her world behind her in book two, Bone Dressing: The Dreaming. The time for best friends and midnight escapes to her hiding place, the cemetery she calls home, is over. Now she must find a way to embrace her destiny, her future … and her past.”

Read more about The Dreaming on Michelle’s website…also take a peek at an excerpt from the book as well!

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Book Review: Devil’s Kiss

Devil's Kiss
Devil’s Kiss by Zoe Archer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Raising the Devil, making a pact, getting a gift in the form of a power and dealing with the consequences of it, and then there is the relationship with Zora and Whit, the primary heroine/hero. It is all building up to a steamy romance and an epic battle resulting in eternal damnation or salvation complete with ghosts, demons and hellish, devilish creatures. It’s a classic good/light vs evil/dark battle! It’s a great story and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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