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Book Review of Grey by E.L. James

Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian, #1)Grey by E.L. James

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Clearly, this is an unneeded book as this story has already been told and captured the attention of millions of people. However, the same curiosity that begged me to read the first book in Anastasia Steele’s viewpoint reared its head and urged me to give this one a shot.

The erotic scenes in this story are not very intriguing or vastly different from any other erotic literature. It’s not the piece that captivated me on the original version of the story and the same goes for this adaptation.

For me, the appeal of this story is in the 1st and 2nd book and it’s all about the chase. Once Anna and Christian eventually marry later in the series, the tale becomes just another love story with its plots and twists. Very uninteresting. Very vanilla.

This specific installment of book one in the series shows us most of the chase through Christian’s eyes. What do we learn about Christian from his own thoughts, words, and actions? Not much that is new, unfortunately.

He’s 27 years old.
He somehow became a billionaire young.
He was born of a crack whore who is now dead.
He has been abused physically and mentally as a child.
He has mental issues and unresolved baggage.
He was taken in by some well-to-do loving, adoptive parents.
He’s anti-social.
He’s a control freak.
He’s into the BSDM lifestyle and a Dominant mainly due to being taken advantage of as a child Submissive.
He’s a workaholic.
He’s not in touch with his own feelings but we know he falls in love with Anna.
He’s a perv (Yes, most of his thoughts revolve around sex.)

What do we learn about Christian that is somewhat new because we hear his inner voice?

His inner voice is that of a 15-year-old adolescent boy.
He uses the word “Baby” far too much.
He is fucking mental, really fucking mental.
Nothing else useful or new.

Basically, his inner voice is not believable and makes me think that James didn’t even consult with any real-life dominant men to see how they would think or react. The persona of the 27-year-old billionaire from Anna’s version of the story is pretty much shattered by Christian’s inner 15-year-old child version of the events.

Getting back to the chase. The ending of this book was the most enjoyable for me as I was most interested in the chase. My enjoyment comes from reading about all the flirtatious events and banter that lead to these two getting together. The emails back and forth are also amusing but nothing really changed with that part of the story except a bit here and there hearing Christian’s anticipation of Anna’s responses.

When Christian comes to realize why Anna leaves and it clicks in his head what he needs to do, well that’s enough for me. I’m good to end off right here knowing the rest of the story from Anna’s viewpoint.

Overall, I gave the book three stars. Two stars for the enjoyment of the chase from Christian’s perspective and one star for boldly bringing a BSDM lifestyle story mainstream as with the original books. I sincerely wonder how many people have given the Dominate/Submissive relationship a try because of these works. That would be an interesting statistic to know. And maybe how many billionaires changed the name of their helicopters to Charlie Tango.

Laters, Baby.

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