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Review: Shadows & Dust

Shadows & Dust
Shadows & Dust by Yvonne Nicolas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vampires, demons and hunters, oh my! This novel starts out fast paced and doesn’t disappoint! Havoc, a motorcycle riding, sword swinging, glock toting, supersonic power wielding, badass bold beauty takes you on a wild adventure in a war between the dammed and the living. Vampires consume demons and become hard as hell to kill hybrids. But our huntress heroine is up for the challenge with her newfound shadow drifter young helper. It is a wonderful good vs. evil story with just a twist of friend/family/foe alliances found in those whom you might not expect. This story has tons of flavor like a great cup of java and is a superb read. Yvonne Nicolas brings vampire hunting to a new height! Bravo!

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Welcome to Candles, Wine and a Book – the N.S. Nicholas Book Review blog

Nick S Nicholas is a devoted husband and father to two beautiful children. With a full-time job during the day, he loves escaping to fantasy worlds at night. One could find him lost at the helm of a video game controller until the wee hours of the morning. Maybe even  controlling the actions of an avatar masterfully with the W S A D, keys and mouse  on his gaming PC. If not either of those two then writing the actions, sights, sounds, tastes, settings and drama in his own realms and fantasy worlds. Nick loves about anything fantastical, otherworldly, bizarre and downright amazing and super bad ass! He loves writing lore, fantasy, paranormal, ethereal, romantic, erotic and dark fiction. He is also an active tweep, loves blogging. He is a lover of  tattoos. Reading is one of his great joys and he has discovered the thrill in giving and receiving mutual feedback to other authors by reviewing and critiquing each others work. So without further delay, welcome to the  N.S. Nicholas Book Review blog;

Candles, Wine and a Book!

Most of Nick’s reviews are short and sweet but influence from his online friends have him making plans to up the word count and content in future reviews! Unless of course, it can be done in a single line. Now and then he will come across a work that can actually be summed up in one statement! If so, they will be prefixed: “1 line review” otherwise, the posts will be prefixed: “Review: Title”

I love the image I found from flicker (the image links to the source creator) but it captured the moment I was going for perfectly. There’s nothing like curling up with a good book, in the appropriate lighting with a glass of wine or other spirits to keep you company.

If you want to request a review from me for your book, please feel free to do so using the “Request a review” link at the top of each page. My original reviews will be done online at goodreads, syndicated to this site. I can also re-post it to any other site you request, just ask!

I hope you have as much fun reading my reviews as I had writing them! All comments and suggestions can be sent directly to me, using the contact form above!

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